RCD (safety switch) Testing and installation

RCD (safety switch) Testing and installation

The Queensland Electrical Safety Regulation requires workplaces to have RCDs (safety switch) protection and regular trip time testing to ensure these devices provide adequate protection in the event of electric fault.

In most cases, RCDs must be tested every six (6) months.  Please note that RCDs on construction sites have a more rigorous testing regime that incorporates daily mechanical (push button) testing before use.

Section 165 of the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 states that  “A person with management or control of a workplace must take all reasonable steps to ensure that residual current devices used at the workplace are tested regularly by a competent person to ensure that the devices are operating effectively”.  This information can be viewed here

Fixed RCDs may only be tested  by a fully licensed electrician, employed by fully licensed and insured electrical contracting company.  Please note that many test & tag companies in Queensland are only licensed to test portable appliances.  Testing fixed RCDs may be outside the scope of their licence restrictions.  To check if your electrical contractor is fully licensed to perform this testing, please visit the Queensland Electrical Safety Office and enter their licence number.  This information can be viewed here

In Queensland, RCDs must be installed to protect all socket outlets in Workshops and Factories.  RCDs installed in these types of environments must be tested every six (6) months AND all portable electrical appliances must be tested and tagged.

The installation of RCDs in low-risk working environments (such as offices) may eliminate the requirements to test and tag portable appliances provided these RCDs are regularly tested.  131 TAG recommends a holistic approach and best practice would suggest  appliances are tested and tagged AND circuits are RCD protected AND RCDs are regularly tested with an operating trip time test.

131 TAG recommends clients document a risk assessment before any decisions are made.  Our highly skilled team can assist you with this process.

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